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Battery Line Myttinge

Värmdö line, also called Myttinge line or battery line

was a line of defense on the northern Värmdö designed to protect fortifications Oscar-Fredriksborg at Oxdjupet from attack from the land side. The two-mile-long line of seven battery sites were built between 1899-1903 and runs between Myttingeviken (Myttinge Bay) and Vretaviken (the Gulf of Vreta) on Värmdölandet. In addition to the troops that were needed for the handling of guns, the whole line was staffed with three infantry battalions (about 1,500 soldiers). Värmdö line was part of Vaxholm line that stretched from Värmdö over Rindö, Vaxholm Citadel, Vaxö, Edholma to Lillskär outside Kullö.

Today Batterivägen still reminiscent of the seven battery slots. The area of Värmdö line has been identified by Värmdö as national interest for the Armed Forces and partly national interest for the cultural environment.

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Directions Bus 439 to bus stop Björnhamra. Go back about 500 meters down the road. An information sign on the right shows where the battery line is.
Car: Route 222 towards Värmdö. Turn left at Ålstäket onto road 274 (Skärgårdsvägen) to Vaxholm. Turn after about 3 km turn left onto Värmdövägen and continue about 15 km. Shortly after the intersection with Skäggavägen is an information sign and a parking slot on the left side.


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