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Wermdö Skeppslags Biodlareförening

Make a visit with us as we discuss "honey genesis"

Many people have never seen a beehive other than in the picture. Very few people have seen how it really looks like inside of a beehive or know how to get to the honey. And almost no one has a clue how much work but also love for the bees a beekeeper spend for it to be a jar of honey.

Now there is an opportunity to come to grips with the bees and the beekeeper's world.

Book a single visit or gather a bunch of friends, colleagues at work or friends in the class and visit with us.

Join a beginners course in beekeeping

You can sign up and join a beekeeping course where you learn how the bees work and all you need to know to be able to self-manage a hive with ecological thrust of. Wermdö Skeppslag stage, along with the Adult Education Association beginner in beekeeping circles.

Each course includes 7 pc Theory evenings and 2 practice days in an apiary.

Contact information

Wermdö Skeppslags Biodlareförening
Apelvägen 23
134 37 Gustavsberg
Phone: +46 73 6553464
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