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Möja Kyrka (Church)

Möja Kyrka (Church)


Möja church dates from 1768 and was built by architect Carl Eagle. The church is situated in a bay on the southern part of Stora Möja. There is also a port for those who come by boat.

The church building

The church is painted in light gray with brown lining around the corner, windows and doors. The entrance to the tower has doors from 1924. The tower is from 1885 and is typical of churches in the Stockholm archipelago.

Votive ships

In the chancel hangs a magnificent votive ship. It is a copy of Wilhelm Andersson, Lökaö manufactured. The original hangs in the National Historical Museum.


Of the twelve oil paintings, listed in 1829, eight are intact.

The church organ

The oldest organ, built by AP Halldén 1855, was replaced in 1847 by an organ, which was installed by Bo Wedrup. The current organ was built in 1982 by organ builder Walter Thür. It includes ten stops on two manuals and pedal with mechanical traktur.


The cemetery was landscaped about 1755 and is surrounded by laid fieldstone walls on the north and south of the character of terrace walls.
Several cemetery extensions have been made. The last one was made in 1950 to the north, when the current morgue added. In the southwest corner of the cemetery was established and inaugurated in 1987 as a memorial adorned with a simple anchor.

Contact information

DjuröMöjaNämdö församling
Box 40
139 02 Djurhamn
Phone: +46 8 57154400

Opening hours

Opening hours The church is open to visitors when staff are in place see more information on our website.
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