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For many years there have been discussions about a house for activities, a house for the youth, culture or anything like that on Värmdö.

The investigations were made and it was interpreted the statistics. Meeting places and cafes requested. A large study was done where it was working with focus groups with young people involved in associations and through schools and youth centers. In the process, it was decided that what would be built was a cultural center for young adults, 16-25years age is that our visitors would have.

The house is so insanely great so we can fit many more activities then "just" those between 16-25 years. In addition, we want to focus on the activity, it should be what we do to attract our visitors, our focus is always older teens and young adults, but no one is excluded due to age.

Contact information

Gustavsbergs Centrum
13430 Gustavsberg
Phone: +46 8 57047600

Opening hours

Opening hours All year round


Directions Gustavsberg Centre located in Värmdö in central Gustavsberg. You can get here easily by car or bus 420, 422, etc..


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