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Surrounded by water on two sides gives Kajakeriet Björkviktorp you a great starting point to explore the Stockholm archipelago by kayak and canoes as transport.

Would you rather keep around beaches and reed beds, you can try to "Sit on top kayaks" or maybe try some SUP paddling standing on a stand-up board. We help you to try out what best suits you to become a water-walkers.

Looking for something private, you are welcome to us and try out what suits you. We have great experience and many different models and accessories to choose in between whether in kayaks, canoes and other paddle craft.
This year you have the opportunity to try or buy Skike skates, a nice way to stay in shape.

Contact information

Småängsvägen 1
134.67 Ingarö
Phone: +46 8 57142620
Mobile: +46 708 650806
Booking: +46 708 650806
Fax: +46 8 4620033


Directions By Bus: From Slussen in Stockholm, take bus 428 or 429, stop Björnö naturreservat. Once you've gone off the bus, go across the road and follow signs pointing to Björnö naturreservat. After about 300m walk you will see a red cottage on leftside which is Björkvik Torp, and you are there. It takes approximately 40-50minuter by bus from town.
By Car: Find the route 222 which takes you from Nacka and Stockholm to Värmdö; in height with Gustavsberg (you do not need to go through Gustavsberg), you take a right towards Ingarö. Then just follow the road, past Brunn (not to Mörtviken), Återvall and just before you reach Björkviks bridge, you will see big signs that tell you Björnö naturreservat. Turn left to Björnö naturreservat, after about 300m you will see a red cottage on the left and you are there. If you continue further 50m you will come to a road barrier and a large parking lot where you can park the car (if it would be full, you can park inside the cottage, where you can also unload your luggage.)

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