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Djurö Möja Nämdö Församling (Parish)

Djurö Möja Nämdö Församling (Parish)

Djurö Möja Nämdö Församling is an archipelago Assembly, which consists of many large and small islands with a permanent population, the summer will be summer residents and tourists.

The church is part of Värmdö community. Djurö/Stavsnäs is located 42 km east of Stockholm.

On Djurö /Stavsnäs are shops, medical center, schools and good transport links by bus to Stockholm.

Möja is located northeast of the Djurö, in the outer archipelago. Möja has about 250 residents and consists of many islands, of which about 10 are inhabited. Möja archipelago is reached by boat from Sollenkroka.

Nämdö is located southeast of Stavsnäs. Full Nämdö archipelago has about 100 bofsta.

Sandhamn and Runmarö located east of Stavsnäs and has more than 300 resident.

Nämdö, Runmarö and Sandhamn are reached by boat from Stavsnäs.

Most parishioners are working outside the church.

There are also schools at Djurö, Möja and Runmarö.

Contact information

DjuröMöjaNämdö församling
139 02 Djurhamn
Phone: +46 8 57154400

Opening hours

Opening hours All year around, visit our web-site for more information.


Directions By car Route 222 towards Gustavsberg. Continue to Stavsnäs, then against Djurö.
By bus 433/434 from Slussen
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