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Why is the spare parts and accessories so expensive? This question stood founder of the Biltema store, Sten Åke Lindholm, for approximately 40 years ago. He saw that car suppliers often had a relatively low profit margin of the vehicles they sold. The idea was that customers would be attracted to buy the car. The low margin of the car was then taken again by applying much higher margins on spare parts, accessories and service.

Contact information

Gustavsbergsvägen 20-22
134 39 Gustavsberg
Phone: +46 8 58630000

Opening hours

Opening hours Mon-Fri 8-19 Sat 10-17 Sun 10-17


Directions Värmdö Market is easily accessible at Ingarö Junction on Värmdö, entrance to Gustavsberg. There are several bus routes that run Värmdöleden (222) and Gustavsbergsvägen. At the market place is plenty of parking.


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