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Säby Gård

Säby Gård

Focused on cereals and potatoes

Säby Gård rented by the family Windahl in the third generation. Holger started renting Säby Gård 1952. 1967 Lennart took over and from 2002 I Mikael leased the farm. Over the years a lot has happened on the farm until 1984, we had cows, the cows were changed then towards the horses that were part of the business until 2007. In the 80's we grew different vegetables and corn. Today the business is focused on cereals and potatoes.

NEW! In autumn 2012, we started  our new activity on the farm - Rapeseed pressure! We have over the years grown rapeseed and sold it on but now we'll start producing our own cold-pressed rapeseed oil, of course, from rapeseed grown on Värmdö and Ingarö!

Besides the Säby we conduct grain cultivation also Gustavsberg Hemmesta, Kalvandö, Brevik, Siggesta and Sund farms. Today we have about 320 ha under the plow.

We have sales of feed for horses. Oats, barley groats and haylage. We also accept horse manure that we spread on the fields. In the fall, usually the second and third weekend of september, we have our popular self-pick the potatoes.
In the winter, the time spent on machine maintenance and snow removal.


Contact information

Säby Gård
Säby Gård, Lilla Barnviksvägen 1
134 65 Ingarö
Phone: +46 70 5797744
Mobile: +46 70 5797744
Contact: Åsa Levén
Visiting adress: Lilla Barnviksvägen 1

Opening hours

Opening hours Call Åsa for more info. 0705797744
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