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Strömma Hembygdsförening

Strömma Hembygdsförening

Strömma Local History Society & Museum is near Strömma channel that connects southern Värmdö with Fågelbrolandet. Here's our local museum, second-hand market and serving.

The collection includes many pictures of places, buildings, and people who have lived in the area. Writings by selection from the local history available for purchase.

Contact us to learn more!

Severing & Second-Hand

At the community center, we open an easier serving and popular "garage sale" in connection with our activities.

Contact information

Strömma Hembygdsförening
Gl.a Fågelbrovägen 1
13960 Värmdö
Phone: +46 70 2795999
Mobile: +46 70 2795999



Museum buildings are open a number of occasions during the year. You get expert information and guidance. For separate views call 08-57140033.

Opening hours

Opening hours Normally, the last Sunday of the month between the hours. 11 - 15.


Directions By car: Road 222 towards Stavsnäs, 200 meters after Strömma bridge is G.la Fågelbrovägen 1 on the right.
By Bus: 432 - 434 from Slussen to stop Strömma.


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