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Sandhamn is the hot spot of our archipelago – and has been so since the mid-nineteenth century. That is when intellectuals, painters and writers first discovered the village of Sandhamn on the island of Sandön, and initiated a golden age that still endures.

A summer day here is a day full of the good life – of pleasure and of sunshine. The cafes, bars and restaurants are plentiful, and each one of them offers astonishing views of this most-eastern part of our archipelago.

At close walking distance from the seaside lies the old village, built by the fishermen, pilots and custom officers who were the first to settle here. The unique and pretty little village is very well preserved, and must be seen.

If you are of the adventurous kind, this is where it all begins. Rent a kayak and visit the fascinating world where the heavens meet the waters. Or stay on the island for a pleasant day at Trouville, the famous beach with white sand.

If you want to stay the night, Sandhamn offers quality accommodation at reasonable prices.


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