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Värmdölandet is our island with a bit of an urban atmosphere, which comes as no surprise since it is situated only 20 minutes by bus from Stockholm City.

One hundred years ago, Värmdölandet was "the pantry" for Stockholm dwellers. From here, fishermen and farmers filled their boats with groceries and fresh fish, and sailed to Stockholm to sell their wares.

Bullandö Marina is one of the many nice places to go. Admire hundreds of boats in all shapes and sizes, have a nice meal in the restaurant, and relax in the soft summer breeze.

Grisslinge Havsbad is a must for the family. The beach is never too crowded, and the water always tempting. Siggesta Gård is one of our most popular destinations, where there are lots of activities for the entire family. Meet the animals, go horse riding, and buy ecologic food from the local farm in the store.

If you are a serious golfer, there is the exclusive Värmdö Golf & Country Club. Or, there is Norrgåva Golfgård, where you don't even need a green card to play.


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