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Björkviks havsbad

Björkviks havsbad

Bath with cliffs and sandy beaches at Nämdöfjärden in the south of Ingarö.
Dry toilet and rubbish bins.
Year-round open Bistro and kiosk during the summer.

Near the bus. Limited number of parking spaces.
Do not park your car on the bus turning area or along the highway!


Björnö MSV ek. för.

Contact information

Björkviks havsbad
Björkviks brygga
134 67 Ingarö
Phone: +46 8 571000

Opening hours

Opening hours All year


Directions Bus 428 to Björkviks dock. Summer is also bus 429 via Björkviks dock.
By car Route 222 to Exit Gustavsberg / Ingarö further south towards Ingarö by Brunn along Route 646 towards Björkvik. Limited number of parking spaces. Do not park in the turnaround at the public pier or along the highway. It gets expensive! Plenty of parking spaces at Björnö Sandarna within walking distance.

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