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Nämdö Kyrka (Church)

Nämdö Kyrka (Church)


The present church from 1876 has had three known predecessor, the oldest from around 1630. A tenacious tradition until the 1900s argued that Nämdö would have been one of the oldest places of worship in Sweden.

There are those who believe that a chapel built in 870 by Ansgar's immediate successor. Although it can not be proven, it is possible that there have been a chapel on Nämdö or Runmarö during the Middle Ages.
The present church was built of wood in simple Gothic Revival and inaugurated in autumn 1876. The drawings were made by architect Gustaf Blomqvist and processed by architect John Smedberg.

The Church building

Church exterior with its typical panel, with alternating horizontal and vertical boards, is now painted white. It is believed that the former has been light beige with moldings in a darker brown beige shade. The roof is since 1912 covered with black painted sheet metal, previously it was covered with sawdust. In the tower hang two bells. The large bell was donated by Lorentz Billing 1750 In 1952, a small bell was donated by fisherman Frans Öhman.

The nave /Interior

The nave is painted in white and gray, and the altar wall is blue with gold stars. Several fixtures have been preserved from its predecessors. For example altarpiece showing Christ as the man of sorrows, and is from 1500-century. 

The baptismal font in white painted wood is made in 1958 by Bernhard Nilsson. The model was the baptismal font in Djurö church.

The church owns a copy of king Gustav II Adolfs Church Bible from 1628 It was donated already 1629. There is also king Karl XIIs big church bible from 1702-1703, which was donated 1714.

The church has a votviv ship which is a model of a Roslagen belt. The Votiv ship is performed at the Maritime Museum and put up the 1944.


The main part of the Cemetery lies south of the church. The cemetery was expanded to the south 1962.

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