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Sandhamns Gästhamnar

Sandhamns Gästhamnar

KSSS Ports in Sandhamn
KSSS (Royal Swedish Yacht Club) is responsible for all ports in Sandhamn under the name Sandhamn Marinas. The port consists of two pontoon bridges and intermediate fixed bridges, major bridge in front Seglarhotellet in Sandhamn and East and West-port.

Guest Locations

On Sandhamn there are room for about 350 visiting boats, and on adjacent Lökholmen is room for further about 150. Temporary mooring may be made on the northern part of the L-shaped pontoon bridge. Reserved seats are marked with signs.


The shuttle boat takes you across from Sandhamn to a bit easier Lökholmen. It can accommodate about 150 visiting boats. Adjacent to the harbor are showers and toilets. At the head inside Trollharan is KSSS clubhouse Trollgården where it´s possible to rent rooms for KSSS members.


At the western pontoon bridge in Sandhamn andthe western part of the fixed bridges, and in East and West-port moored with anchors and counter to the bridge. Observe the large anchor depths. In some places there anchoring booms and buoys for stern mooring. Temporary mooring at the L-shaped pontoon bridge made along the bridge. The basin inside the L-shaped pontoon is, for acts mooring, fixed ropes anchored in buoys and fastened in the bridge /pontoon.

In the harbor you can find the following:

Diesel, electricity, toilet, gas, fresh water, showers, gas, food, sauna, kiosks and restaurants

Marine service station:

Shell Sjöstation offer gasoline, LPG, candy, ice cream and all the necessary accessories for the boat.
Sjöstationen is open during the summer.

Contact information

Sandhamns Gästhamnar
Hamnen Sandhamn
130 39 Sandhamn
Phone: +46 8 57153285
Booking: +46 8 57153285
Email: sandhamn@ksss.se
Web site: www.ksss.se

Opening hours

Opening hours Open year round





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