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Sandhamns Kapell (Chapel)

Sandhamns Kapell (Chapel)

Sandhamns chapel is owned by the people themselves through Sandhamns chapel foundation. it was built by private funds and inaugurated the 1935th Prior to that church services were held in the customs house and the school.

There are many bridal couple who come here, it is very popular to get married in the chapel.

There are two times a year when the chapel is filled to bursting. One moment, the first Sunday of Advent and the next is light festival which is celebrated in conjunction with Lucia. Unfortunately, it has, because the school does not have any children at the moment, not been a celebration of Lucia because light festival is mostly kids who performe. We hope that it is only a temporary slowdown and we again hear the children read their light verses, singing songs and handing over its light to the priest.

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DjuröMöjaNämdö församling
Sandhamns by
130 39 Sandhamn
Phone: +46 8 57153213

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