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We give you unique experiences in the outer archipelago year round.

Staying in the outer archipelago, if only for a few hours, giving a distance and clarity from even the most stressed person.
Complex decisions are obviously simple.

Sandhamnsguiderna offers a unique experience in the archipelago in all seasons, for large and small groups, and with all weather shifts. The sea, the wind, the islets allows for both peaceful and exciting arrangements according to your wishes.

We are located in Sandhamn and collaborate with locals and nature. This way Sandhamnsguiderna can take you to places in the archipelago that others do not have access to. We do not affect the environment and leave no trace behind us in our activities. You will get help all the way out to Sandhamn and home again.

We help you with everything from the entire conference stay for individual activities and accommodation.

Contact information

Strandpromenaden Sandhamn
130 39 Sandhamn
Phone: +46 8 6408040
Mobile: +46 70 3474309

Opening hours

Opening hours Open year round


Directions Both Roslagens Sjötrafik and Waxholmsbolaget (WH) has scheduled tours several times each day during the summertime. WH have routes all year around. The boats depart from Stavsnäs Winter Harbour (at the end of Värmdö). Buses to Stavnäs Winter Harbour depart from Slussen (Stockholm City) busstop Stavsnäs Vinterhamn. In the summertime you can also go with Cinderella from Strandvägen.


Conference Yes
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