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Gustavsberg Porslinsfabrik

Gustavsberg Porslinsfabrik

Swedens currently only porcelain factory is located in Gustavsberg Harbour and has been in continuous operation since the 1827. Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory manufactures all its porcelain in the old premises in Gustavsberg and bone porcelain is the specialty that the factory are the only one in the entire Nordic region to produce.

Gustavsberg manufactures genuine ware such as tableware and art goods in bone china and stoneware. Råman, Signe Persson Melin, Stig Lindberg and Margaret Hennix are examples of artists behind our design.

Household Porcelain Factory (HPF), which has been in continuous operation since 1827, was taken over under new management in 1996, when some of the employees became owners.


Contact information

Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik
Chamottevägen 2
134 40 Gustavsberg
Phone: +46 8 57035663
Fax: +46 8 57034398

Opening hours

Opening hours All year round


Directions By car Route 222 towards Gustavsberg, turn towards Värmdö Market.
By bus 474, stop Farstaviken.

Public transport

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