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Roslagsleden Stage 11: Sandviken - Grisslehamn

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From Sandvikens Camping up to Grisslehamn follow hiking in varied terrain along the Väddö coast with breathtaking views across the sea.

Gamla Grisslehamn was an important hub for Queen Christina postväg 1638 between Stockholm and Åland and further east. In the 1600s, built here a post house that was burnt by the Russians in 1719. A new arrived, but when it burned they built the new post office building in the current Grisslehamn. Boating in the mail across the Åland Sea claimed many lives. In memory of those held Postrodden between Grisslehamn and Eckerö on Åland in June every year - festival and roddtävlingmed mail route boats.

In Mälby Port were both svavelkisgruva and järnärnmalmsgruva, the oldest about 400 years. The trail is visible water-filled pits and a buildup circular track where horse trekking force was used for mining work. Mining from the Vasa era practically ceased in 1905, but was formally remained until 1992. In Mälby Port'sdispensing station for fresh water. The shingle just north of Mälby Port has been shaped by the sea over thousands of years and the uplift ended up several meters onto land. It has a great geological value, so do not pick the stone there.

At Edeby Port and Sea Meadow landscape is småkuperat forest, interspersed with fields, pastures and villages. Along the coast there are plenty of holiday homes. An area of ​​ancient limestone extends from here up to the Wood Mountain and Scotland Bay in the north. On the limestone rock is a peculiar flora, a rich insect fauna and plenty of snake!

Just south of Nothamn is an old limestone quarry with steep sides - a huge marble quarries with several rare minerals. The forest in the west is clearly influenced by the calcareous bedrock and very valuable from an environmental protection standpoint. Fish Situation in Nothamn was the largest fishing spot on Väddö coast. Here the farmers have fished herring seine and nets and tied eel fyke nets. Shots bay offershiking directly on the sandy beach. At Fjällboholmar is also a nice beach with sand and rocks.

Customs's brook nature reserve has two stream flows closest to the sea - one of the county's most important natural reproductive areas for sea trout. Woods nearest the sea is lean and barren - a beautiful strövstråk. Customs bay is very beautiful and popular for both anglers and surfers. Left Sand has magnificent views across the sea. It offers swimming with TC, jetty with ladder, changing cabin, fireplace and parking.

Roslagsleden enters Grisslehamn along the shoreline at the artist and the writer Albert Engström's studio, located on a cliff at the Åland Sea. The studio is vitmåladmot sea and rödmot country that buoy. Please follow the guided tour! On vägmot final goal Albert Engström museum trail goes past the summer open Café Festival located in Albert's stables.

Grisslehamn offers fromAnother of Grisslehamn Farm B & B, Guest Solgarden with cabins, hotels Havsbaden with SPA, Grisslehamns Caravan camping with cottages and rural accommodation in Mats Persgården Tomta. The Tourist offices informs. In Grisslehamn are grocery, fish shop, design
and arts and crafts, restaurants and cafes. There is also a thriving fishing port and home port for Eckerölinjen ferries to Aland for continued walking along the European walking 6 to Kilpisjärvi in ​​Northern Finland.

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76128 Norrtälje
Phone: +46 176 71000


Information |Translated by Google translation|

Norrtälje Tourist Office, 0767-650 660, www.roslagen.se Grisslehamns Tourist Office (open in summer) 0175-331 02, www.roslagen.se Albert Engström's Museum, 0176-308 90, www.albertengstrom.se Eckerölinjen, 0175-258 00, www .eckerolinjen.se

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